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2016 Community Leaders

Neil Edwards
Pesha Leichter
Scot Ailes

2017 Community Leaders

Cheryl Moser
Leah Staub
Lynne Piersol

2016 Community Support

Anita Davidian – Community Leader Emeritus
Fran Snyder – Community Leader Emeritus
Sally McAfee – Community Leader Emeritus
Shoshanna Candor – Community Leader Emeritus
Sidney Kahn – Community Leader Emeritus
Sol Herskovic – Community Leader Emeritus
Joan Hollenbach – Community Administrator

Essential Experience Workshop

Eric Hoffman – Workshop Conductor
JoAnne Fischer – Assisting Conductor
Tina Silverman – Workshop Administrator
Barb Taylor – Workshop Manager
Bob Pileggi – Workshop Manager


  • Sol Herskovic
  • Marcey Szablya
  • Communications Task Force
  • ListServ Information


  • TBD - Spring Fling
  • Sharen Becker – EE Picnic
  • Tina Silverman - EE Bowling
  • Alan Kraus - Holiday Party
  • Michael Raymond – MusicalEE


  • Shoshanna Candor
  • TBD – Support Group Task Force (including Open Support Group)
  • Alan Kraus – Men’s Support Group
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