Subscription Info

All new graduates are subscribed to this list automatically

Access your EE Mailing List Subscription Management Panels

EE maintains two separate mailing lists, the Community list and the Announcements list. They operate independently of each other.

You have a different password on each list and you must make subscription changes to each separately.

You will need to know two things to modify your subscription or unsubscribe from the lists:

  • The email address to which your messages are being sent
  • Your listserver password(s)

Don’t panic!

Most people don’t know their EE Mailing List passwords. If you don’t know yours, fill in your email address on the form and press the “Remind” button near the bottom of the form to request your password be sent to you. Within a few minutes you will have the password in your email.

If you get an “Error: No address given” message at the top of the panel you select, you can ignore it. It is there because you did not enter your email address on the screen yet. Just enter the email address under which you are subscribed to the EE mail list(s), then select the “Remind” button and your password should be returned to you via email.

Note: If you do not receive an email within a few minutes it could be due to several things. The most common ones are:

    • You are not subscribed with that email address.
    • Your internet service provider has eaten your email.

Again, do not worry. Look in your junk mail and spam boxes and it may be there. If not, just request it again. If it still doesn’t arrive, contact the Communications Task Force.

Once you have your password(s) (or if you know it/them already) select one of the links below to manage your subscription to one of the two lists.

The two lists are

  • Announcements, which sends messages about “official” EE Community Events
  • Community which is open and available to all graduates of EE and is the place for multi-way communication on most topics.

If you have arrived here to unsubscribe from a list, you should pay particular to the list from which you are unsubscribing, as unsubscribing from one list will not unsubscribe you from the other.

If you have problems or questions, contact the Communications Task Force.

Please include your First name, Last name, month and year you graduated from the Workshop and (if applicable) any old email address under which you may have been subscribed.